Monday, January 10, 2011

Testing procedure in your company

1.After the preaparation of SRS document,the test plan will be prepared by the team lead.
2.On completing the test plan,a training session will be arranged for testers.
3.After that test cases will be written and reviewed by the testers.
4.Then the execution of the tests and bug tracking report and fixing of bugs and regression testing will be done till major functionalities are covered.
5.After that user acceptance test is done
6.Then build without the bug is released

Friday, January 7, 2011

Defered Status in Bug Report

If the bug reported is not important,project manager can corect it(postpone)to next version

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Web testing-Check list

1) Functionality Testing
2) Usability testing
3) Interface testing
4) Compatibility testing
5) Performance testing
6) Security testing

Development phases and Types of testing in V model

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Difference between web based and windows based applications

1. A Web based application runs from a web,through a browser.
   Windows based application is more precisely a computer based application,which is run through  OS(win,linux,mac os x).
2. Web based application Can be used by different users accessing the same program...hence mobility is more.
  Windows based application Has to be accessed by the particular computer.
3 Speed is slow for Web based application
  Speed is comparatively faster for Windows based applications
4 Database handling plays a major part in web based
  Role of database is less or none in desktop application
5 Range is wider for web applications-http,www,sntp,snmp.
  Limited to a particular computer for window based application
6 A Web based application Uses network layer
 Windows based application Uses application layer

What are the fields that contained in test plan??

1 ) Test plan ID : Unique number or name
2) Introduction : About project
3) Test Items: Names of all modules in the project.
4) Features to be tested :
5)Features not to be tested:
6) Testing approach: finalized TRM, selected testing techniques
7) Entry Criteria : When testing can be started
8) Exit Criteria : when testing can be stopped
9)Fail or Pass criteria:
10) Test Environment : The environment where the test is to be carried out.
11) Test Delivarables:
12) Staff and training
13) Roles and Responsibilities
14 ) Project starting and End dates
15) Risks and mitigation

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

what is a testcase and usecase ?

Use case is a description of a certain feature of an application in terms of actors ,actions and responses.
For example if the user enters valid userid and password and after clicking on login button the system should display home page.
Here the user is ACTOR. The operations performed by him are ACTIONS. The Systems display of home page is RESPONSE.
Actually using use cases we will write our test cases if any use cases are provided in the SRS.
A test case is a set of test inputs,executional conditions,with some expected results developed for validating a particular functionality of AUT.